Meret is a young woman who lost interest in her life after multiple failures in her acting career. At the lowest point of her crisis she gets to meet Cem, a very introvert and shy man in her age. First they do not seem to have anything in common: In contrary to him she is rather tough, talkactive and extrovert. But after some time passes, they find one commonality:The interest in theatre and ist poetic dialogues. A relationship develops out of their meeting which bringst them back the meaning of life. The Day is yet to come is a film about a friendship and the process of self-discovery. A story about falling and standing up again. Acted out, written and filmed by young people.

production year: 2015
duration: 23 minutes
type: short feature
language: swiss german
production country: switzerland
author: wilfried meichtry, roman droux,
director: roman droux, katharina ramser
production: memox
pruducer: annlis von steiger

Making Of
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