David Njeru Kibuthi shows how to construct a stone line on moderate slopes with many stones and describes the many benefits he gets since he has realized this technology on his farm.

WOCAT (World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies) is an established global network which supports innovation and decision-making processes in Sustainable Land Management (SLM).

WOCAT is using video to transform and package documented SLM knowledge into informative and authentic audio-visual material. Videos are produced together with innovative, experienced land users who have successfully implemented a SLM practice on their farm and are willing to capture their personal story on video and share their knowledge.

production year: 2014
duration: 10 minutes
type: short documentary
language: english, suaheli
production country: kenya
authers: nicole harari, hanspeter liniger
director: roman droux
production: memox
dop: roman droux
customer: WOCAT